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The digital publishing revolution you have been waiting for. is a cloud-based platform for publishing digital magazines across different distribution channels. This includes native apps in major app stores and web-apps that run in the browser. Our Application Management System not only gives you an easy way to remotely manage your app’s content, but also push new features instantly or change the design on the fly. Best of all - no matter what changes you make - our apps will sync to work offline and automatically structure your content to look perfect on any smartphone, tablet and desktop device. Who is for?

  • Marketing departments who want a easy way to publish content instantly
  • Creative agencies who need flexibility to manage projects for their clients
  • Enterprises with tight deadlines and custom functionality & security demands


Push content & new features to your iOS, Android and Web-Apps instantly.

Ease of Use

At its core, is a next-generation publishing system that anyone will love to use. Make changes, preview them instantly and then cancel them if you don’t like them - without breaking anything. You do what you do best - create beautiful content and we’ll take care of the rest!

Design implements a 3-level template system that separates the theme of your app from each of the articles and lets you individualise their design - just as a printed publication would. Our Content Builder and article sub-templates make the process even faster with stunning results.


The AMS is built around modules that could easily be extended, connected to external systems or made available behind login screens to users with different rights. Creative agencies also have the flexibility to upload articles complete with their own designs and publish them in minutes.


Create once & push across all distribution channels! Manage your publication as a web-app in the browser or a native app in iOS Appstore and Google Android Play store at the same time. Ad-Hoc and enterprise stores can also be implemented + we have some surprises coming soon!


Its not only a CMS, its an AMS. Our Application Management System doesn’t just help you manage content - it can also remotely add new functionality & completely change the look and feel of your live app. Changes are synced offline and available to your users even without Internet.

Trial is currently available to select customers per invitation only.


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